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    Technical Equipments

    Manufacturing & Assembling Equipment

    Model: ZJX(05)-1000/80. Computer controlled, all driven by electric appliance, pneumatic and hydraulic pressure, combined advanced 'pull slitting plus self-moving slitting' technology, guaranteed the accuracy of slitting, easy to operate with high production efficiency.

    Slitting machine for silicon steel sheet

    Model: KI-1600. The insulating permeates deeply into the interior of insulation structure with the impact of pressure, which intensifies the overall insulation, enhances the insulation grade and improves products' behavior of electricity.

    Pressure impregnating equipment

    Model: FZ. This equipment has high extent of automation and could achieve reversal of 90 degrees, which ensures the quality of lamination.

    Iron core turnover machine

    Effectively enhances the magnetic permeability of silicon steel sheet, reduces the magnetic hysteresis loss, farther improves the elegance of products.

    Spray booth

    Model: HLR. Semi-automatic operation, equipped with electronic counter that ensures the accuracy of the cylinder number of winding, simple setting and convenient operation.

    High and low pressure winding machine

    Model: DGC. Full-automatic procedure controlled with brilliant temperature uniformity, advanced and reliable control system, which guarantee the products' quality.

    Special curing furnace for transformer

    Model: RJS. This equipment applies constant tension to control, which guarantees the pressure uniformity between winding layers; meanwhile, it also applies automatic skew detection, which guarantees the orderliness of winding overhang and technical quality of windings.

    Foil winding machine

    Model: HJX(D22)-600. Computer controlled, the fully automatic slitting guarantees the accuracy of iron core sheet slitting and reduced the rags.

    Transverse shear line of silicon steel sheet

    Model: PEK300 150HEDRICH. Imported equipment, whole process controlled by computer programs to achieve automatic operation. It has vacuum film degassing, static mixing and more advanced techniques, which guarantee the proportioning accuracy and pouring quality of epoxy mixture.

    Epoxy pouring equipment

    Testing Tools

    Model: KEW 3121A. Used to measure the insulation resistance.


    Model: 400kV 30kJ. Used in lightning impulse tests.

    Lightning impulse generator

    Model: DPO 3012. Used to record waveforms.


    Model: YD510R. Used in temperature rise tests.

    Temperature Inspecting Instrument

    Model: 303B


    Model: testo815. Used in noise measurement.

    Sound-level Measuring Instrument

    Testing System

    Testing System

    Model: DT-50-20. Used in frequency-doubled effect tests.

    Generator Set

    Model: TSJAY-250/0.5. Used to impose voltage.

    Voltage Regulator

    Model: YTB. Used to measure ratio-voltage and connection groups.

    Ratio Bridge

    Model: JF-2001. Used to measure partial discharge.

    PD Meter

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